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WFR Supports Global Law Enforcement: WFR Technologies, Inc. President, Wyott Russell, was asked to speak at the 2024 INTERPOL Heads of NCB Conference in Lyon, France on the topics of critical data and human resource challenges impacting global Stolen and Lost Travel Document (SLTD) and Stolen Motor Vehicle (SMV) record management and the solutions currently available to overcome them.

WFR comes to the rescue of a US federal law enforcement entity:  In response to a catastrophic failure of a core case management application, which leveraged a large COTS software product, allowing the original developer to point and click their way to a poorly designed, bloated, and unstable solution, WFR was asked to build a replacement application under an extremely tight timeline, with a rapid design, development, and deployment schedule.  The unorthodox nature of this sprint was necessary to bring the entity back to a functional state as soon as possible.  WFR’s talented Software Architects, Developers, and Engineers immediately got to work and produced at an alarming pace, first delivering a proof of concept, then a functional prototype, then a usable dynamically updated test application, and finally a fully functional and deployed application solution – all in less than six months.  Throughout, WFR staff maintained a constant dialogue with entity management and operational staff.  All activities were well coordinated, and entity operational staff were permitted to test and use the application to perform production work functions as feature enhancements were added/deployed.   The result is a full-featured custom Case Management Solution tailored to the unique use-case and mission of this special organization, a solution without ongoing license fees or enormous future captive feature enhancement costs.  The customer owns the code and the application and can do with it as they see fit.